QuickTab Shortcuts

These shortcuts help you manage the windows on your screen.  They are generally only effective if you use the semicolon hotkey.  If you use a different hotkey, I would strongly recommend that you change it to the semicolon.

You can bring any window into focus by pressing the hotkey and the first letter of the caption twice.  For example, you could bring Calculator to the front of the screen by pressing (Hotkey) + cc.

I would recommend typing options as a keyword and changing your QuickTab settings to these values:

(Hotkey) + Space bar Minimize the current window on your screen
(Hotkey) + Shift Close the current window.
(Hotkey) + Tab Equivalent to Alt + Tab
(Hotkey) + 1 Pause/Resume track in iTunes or Winamp
(Hotkey) + 2 Skip to previous track in iTunes or Winamp
(Hotkey) + 3 Skip to next track in iTunes or Winamp

Using these QuickTab shortcuts with the semicolon hotkey will make you extremely productive.  It is generally a faster method than using the mouse to minimize, close, and switch between windows on your screen.

You may be asking, "How will I insert a semicolon if pressing {Hotkey + Space bar} will minimize the window instead?"

You can still insert a semicolon in a text field by pressing (Hotkey) + Enter.  This is not as convenient as pressing (Hotkey) + Space bar, but people will usually minimize windows more often than they type a semicolon.

Enjoy using QuickTab!