About Keybreeze

Keybreeze started out as a personal project of mine back in 2002. Back then, the application was called PC-Com, short for PC Commands, and it was just used by myself and a few friends. It was a very basic launcher, allowing you to add custom keywords for files, folders, and websites, and you could run them by pressing a hotkey and typing keywords. Over the years, I continued to add features to the program, such as an autocomplete list, letter commands, automatic indexing, text functions, sticky notes, and macros. In 2007, I realized the application needed a new name to gain exposure, so I came up with Keybreeze. A few years later, I rewrote the application from scratch in C#, which allowed a smoother interface, a more modern look, and various enhancements.

As you can see, Keybreeze has come a long way, and it will continue to be supported and improved for many years to come.

I hope you enjoy using Keybreeze and that it helps you become more productive on your computer. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or feedback.


Andrew Langford