How to open a network folder or file from Keybreeze

Press the hotkey and type add as a keyword. For the target, you can specify a UNC path to the directory or file, such as:


Or you can specify a mapped network drive, such as:


One caveat is that sometimes the network folder or file may take a while to open. This could be due to network latency or permission checks. Keybreeze may also appear to be locked while it's waiting for the folder to open. I tried modifying the code by starting a new thread to open the network file or folder, but this still manages to lock up the entire process.

If you encounter any performance issues while opening a network folder from Keybreeze, try changing the target to the following:

c:\windows\explorer.exe \\path_to_network_folder_or_file

This will make Keybreeze launch explorer.exe, and then explorer.exe will launch your network folder or file. While it's opening, you can still use Keybreeze without having it locked up waiting for the target to open.