Introducing Keybreeze Sync

Keybreeze Sync is an exciting new feature of Keybreeze Pro 5.5. It runs in the background and watches for any changes to your Keybreeze settings, such as a new note, keyword, text function, etc. Once it detects a change, it uploads your settings to the Keybreeze website. You can log into the website from your phone, tablet, or any device to see all of your settings.

If you purchased a license for Keybreeze Pro, you can activate Keybreeze Sync by pressing the hotkey and typing options as a keyword (or right-click the system tray icon and click Options). Then click the Sync tab.

Visit to see your settings after you start using Keybreeze Sync. The website actually resembles the application. Start typing a keyword in the text field, and you will see matching results. Click the target to open that link in a new tab (if the target is a web address), or click the Select link to select the target and copy it to the clipboard. There are also links at the top of the page to display your notes and letter commands.

Users who purchase a license for Keybreeze Pro can use Keybreeze Sync for one year. An annual fee is required for each year after that. You will receive an email a few weeks prior to let you know that you need to renew for the next year.

Note: You can use Keybreeze Pro on your machine indefinitely, and you can transfer your license to another machine as well. The annual fee applies only to Keybreeze Sync. You can continue running Keybreeze Pro without using Sync if you wish.

If you purchased a license for Keybreeze Pro but did not log into your account when activating it, your license may not be associated with your account. Please contact us with a receipt of your purchase and your username, and we can link your license to your account so that you can start using Keybreeze Sync.

Keybreeze Sync is still in beta, so if you encounter any issues using it, please contact us.