Macro - "type text" doesn't work with repeated letters

If I make a macro that includes a double letter (eg "letter") with the "type text" command, the doubled letter only shows up once. 

EG I set up this macro: 

<type text="blue green yellow aaa bbbb ccccc">

The result is "orange blue gren yelow a b c"



Andrew Langford   6 years ago

I'm not able to reproduce that behavior on my machine, but there is a way to pause for a longer period before the next letter is typed, which should fix the issue. Go to %appdata%\Keybreeze5 and open the options.ini file. Add this at the bottom:


Save and close the file. Then restart Keybreeze and try running the macro again.

ecarr   5 years ago
I've had this same problem for years - the time delay is a solid workaround.
ecarr   5 years ago

Update:    Just discovered that using   wait_time_between_keys   only delays playback for   keydown key   or   keypress key   or for single character entries using   type text.  It doesn't delay between keys using   type text   for more than one letter. 

Using jah's example of   type text="blue green yellow aaa bbbb ccccc"   does come back with blue gren yelow a b c