Quicktab - Double letter with Outlook/Access

Hey Andrew - The Quicktab feature using   hotkey + first 2 letters + hotkey   works for whatever is in the taskbar except for Microsoft Outlook or Access.  I'm currently using 2010 (at least for the remainder of this year) and using the  hotkey + ii + hotkey  will not switch to the Inbox.  Or to any MS Access programs.   Any ideas?  Thanks!   -E


Andrew Langford   5 years ago

Interesting. I'm using Outlook 2013, and pressing hotkey + ii is bringing up Outlook on my machine. There was a known issue where QuickTab wasn't working with Windows Explorer windows, and this may have included windows for other Microsoft applications, such as Access and Outlook. However, this issue was fixed in 5.5.0:

"Fixed QuickTab so that it looks at Windows Explorer windows. This required a reference to a COM object in the c:\windows\system32\shdocvw.dll file."

Did you confirm that you are using 5.5.3? Have you tried using a more recent version of Outlook? The other possibility is that something is blocking access to the COM object above. Are you logged into the machine as an administrator? Is UAC enabled?



ecarr   5 years ago
Yep, using 5.5.3. Inbox started working after using the QuickTab Window Mappings but not with MSAccess with a program window title "Webtool". It works sometimes using hotkey+we+hotkey and other times it doesn't. UAC is off, and not logged in with Administrator rights. No biggie, I can live it.