Search Google with any selected text

How can I search Google with any selected text from within any application using a hotkey?

For e.g., if I am working in Microsoft Word or Notepad and if I select some text, can I press a hotkey which will search Google for that selected text?



Andrew Langford   2 years ago

You can't really do that with a single hotkey, but you can select the text, press CTRL + C, press the Keybreeze hotkey, press CTRL + V, and press Enter. If it's an unrecognized command, it will search the web for that entry by default. If you have a lot of saved keywords, it may autoselect one of your existing ones. If that happens, you can press and a space after you press the hotkey, and then press CTRL + V. The prefix will invoke the letter command to search the web. These can be configured by typing options as a keyword or by typing add as a keyword and then pressing the Letter Command tab.

SagittariusA   2 years ago
Thanks! There were some programs that would do that such as AimingClick, KallOut, and Transfz but were discontinued. As we all search Google all the time, I believe having a global hotkey is immensely useful!