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Transferring Keybreeze to a new PC running Windows 11
Hello friends, I have been able to successfully transfer Keybreeze (version 5, the latest version) on other computers, but I cannot seem to be able to on this new PC I purchased running Windows 11. Keybreeze works fine, but I cannot transfer all my...
Created 7 months ago by jalexander74 in Questions

Specific File Types, Indexing, and other Options
Hi there. Thank you for Keybreeze! It's really good, nice, and cool. and neat too. groovy as well.  I had been using Listary for a while, but I don't like the way it attaches to the native file explorer file open dialogue. I get what they're go...
Created 9 months ago by ajaxStardust in Questions

Run a Powershell script from Keybreeze
Is there a way to run a Powershell script from Keybreeze? If I try this it doesn't work from Keybreeze but it does work from the Windows Run box. powershell.exe C:\Powershell\AWS.ps1  ...
Created 1 year ago by Brian Henke in Questions

Macro Command List
My company is blocking the macro recorder install. However, the workaround is manually writing macros in notepad and saving them as KMCR files. That being said, the only shortcoming is not knowing all the keyboard commands.  An example, th...
Created 1 year ago by cditomaso in Questions

Run from flash drive?
Hello, can KB be installed and run from a flash drive, as in being portable?  Or does it have to be installed on the PC HD?  I've used KB for a good number of years with at least 2 paid versions and I seem to recall it was possible, but I'm...
Created 2 years ago by stfuqua in Questions

Search Google with any selected text
How can I search Google with any selected text from within any application using a hotkey? For e.g., if I am working in Microsoft Word or Notepad and if I select some text, can I press a hotkey which will search Google for that selected text?  ...
Created 2 years ago by SagittariusA in Questions

Keybreeze 5.7 doesn't remember position of its popup window
I installed Keybreeze 5.7 on two Windows 10 computers (one on 20H2, the other on 21H1). On both machines I experience the same issue. When I activate the hotkey, the Keybreeze popup is in the middle of the screen. Then I pull the window to the scree...
Created 2 years ago by kbre in Questions

Macro running message... but it doesn't run
After unsuccessfully creating a macro to Select All [Ctrl + A] and Delete, I copied and pasted a macro that you used as an example in a post and couldn't get that to work either. I saved and added it to KeyBreeze, when I pressed the hotkey and t...
Created 2 years ago by apastelak in Questions

Function Keys and CTRL, ALT keys in Text Function?
Hello, Is it possible to use special keys in Text Functions? TIA, Steve...
Created 2 years ago by stfuqua in Questions

Windows Defender blocks 5.7 Keybreeze download
I'm lost!   I already hated Microsoft ......
Created 3 years ago by Mike Mesure in Questions

So, I used to use KB all the time and several years ago I stopped, because for whatever reason I couldn't get it on a new machine (incompatible / unavailable / whatever).   Now, I've been using it for about a month and have had to relearn the e...
Modified 3 years ago by BigChuckMeister in Questions

Comments in Macros
Is there a way to add comments into the Macro code without affecting the Macro's function? For example, similar to preceding text with an 'apostrophe' in Excel VBA. ...
Created 3 years ago by cditomaso in Questions

shortcut to create macros
hi, I want to create macros with Keybreeze (5.6 pro), but somehow the entry was corrupted, so when I type macros [create], something completely different happens. Does anyone know to which exactly refers the command macros [create] , ...
Created 3 years ago by Franklyck in Questions

copy old .ini file from ver 4 to a new computer where I've installed 5 Pro
How do I copy the old .ini file from ver 4 to a new computer where I've installed 5 Pro which uses .json instead?...
Created 3 years ago by John Criminger in Questions

KeyBreeze fails when search shortcut with pattern a-aaa
Hi Keybreeze Team, I am using Keybreeze Desktop v.5.6.0. and I have an installed program called e-sword. When I try to use Keybreeze to search for this program, Keybreeze raise an exception with this detail: (I suppose that Keybreeze recognize the ...
Created 3 years ago by jairomartinez in Questions

Moved to New PC
Hi, I moved to a new PC and I have two issues.  The email address converter and opeing files in network locations.  Both of these worked perfectly previously.  Will appreciate your help to get these going! Thanks and regards, Steve...
Created 3 years ago by stfuqua in Questions

Hotkey in MS Excel
Hi, my Hotkey ; doesn't work in MS Excel. I've been living with it, but half of my work is in Excel.  It just types the semi colon ;   I've searched "excel" through the KB and didn't find anything on it.   I have MS Office 36...
Created 3 years ago by stfuqua in Questions

Keybreeze won't open
All of a suden, Keybreeze won't open. Icon is there. Pops up when the Windows key is pressed, but does nothing. Also I can't find my license key....
Created 3 years ago by John Criminger in Questions

THANK YOU, ANDREW LANGFORD, for this excellent product
This board seems to have no area for general remarks, so I'm posting here hoping this location gets the most exposure, hoping others may chime in with their experiences. I'm a user since PC-COM days and, like most everyone who uses this software, a ...
Created 4 years ago by bclemence in Questions

Cannot find my keywords.ini
I've been using keybreeze probably for over 10 years, I love it, and I have been building my keywords. Last time when I moved computers, I was able to just replace all paths easily by editing my file, but I can't seem to find the file now. I know it'...
Created 4 years ago by hydex in Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view the tutorial again?

How do I add keywords or configure settings?

  • Press the hotkey and type one of these:
    add, list, options, help, note, export entries, import entries. To edit an entry, click it or press Ctrl + M while you are typing.

Where are my settings stored, or how do I transfer settings to another machine?