Specific File Types, Indexing, and other Options

Hi there. Thank you for Keybreeze! It's really good, nice, and cool. and neat too. groovy as well. 

I had been using Listary for a while, but I don't like the way it attaches to the native file explorer file open dialogue. I get what they're going for w/ that, but IMO: don't mess w/ system dialogues. It's probably a bad idea. Behold: Indeed, I had some issues with Listary delaying the system functionality (perhaps even crashing my third-party file manager app), so i started the daunting search for another option. Keybreeze seems to be that option. :)

I've used Launchy for quite a while. It's cool tool. :)
One would probalby argue that Launcy is it's more basic than Keybreeze and Listary. 
Launchy indexing options

With the options provided there, I generally don't come across many files that aren't executables. But, Launchy focuses on being an application launcher first and foremost. I still run into irrelevant files, but that's due to the folders I've selected, and I've included file types like .bat, etc. 

I tried doing something similar with Keybreeze, but I've mucked it up, and now have a lot of files that I don't want to see crowding the interface if I type something generic like "browser", or even "firefox", or whatever. I guess I should start by resetting it to the defaults then interacting here at this forum for suggestions on best approach to tweaking. 

I went throught the Keybreeze options dialog again. I was initially confused about the diff between the AutoIndex vs Search. I think I understand now, and I've made some changes to my previous customizations so I'll see what happens.

Thanks again for your hard work! Job well done. 
Best regards!


Andrew Langford   10 months ago   Answer

Thanks for the feedback! You can type options as a keyword to open the Options window, which has settings for Autoindex and Search. The Autoindex functionality will give you suggestions as you are typing a keyword. The Search functionality will not give you suggestions while you are typing. It will only search for that entry after you press Enter/Control/Shift (this is configurable on the General tab).

The default folders for Autoindex should be Desktop, Start Menu, Start Menu (All users), and Documents. The default folders for Search should be Desktop and Documents. You can add any folders to this list to expand the functionality.

Let me know if you have any questions while you customize it!

ajaxStardust   10 months ago

Thanks for your reaction! I'm getting the hang of it. It's not that I don't know how to configure software, it's more that I'm the type of person who tries all of the different options just to see what they do and end up with some configuration which is probably not optimal. haha. Keybreeze is included in my [recommended software](https://wordpresscenter.net/first-steps-after-windows-install/#app_launchers) after a "fresh win 11 install" Cheers!

Sarika539   4 months ago

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sarika78   4 months ago
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