Phone Number Formatter

This extension is useful if you frequently copy and paste phone numbers from an application into a softphone, and your soft phone software doesn't support special characters. This extension will automatically remove special characters, and it can automatically prepend characters at the beginning of the number, such as 9 to get an outside line and 1 for the US country code.

Example on how to use:

1. Add a keyword to Keybreeze that points to the Phone Number Formatter.exe file.
2. Copy a phone number from any application, such as (816) 456-7890.
3. Press the Keybreeze hotkey, type the keyword, and press Enter.
4. Go to your application and paste the phone number. It will be pasted as 918164567890.

Download instructions:

Download the attached zip file and extract the contents. Open the settings.ini file and confirm the settings. Then set set config_verified=1. Save and close the file. Right-click the Phone Number Formatter.exe file and click Add keyword to Keybreeze. Then follow the rest of the steps in the example above.

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