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Outlook Email Address Converter
When copying email addresses from Outlook, the copied text has a format similar to this: "John Doe" <>; "Steve Smith" <> This email address format is not recognized in many applications. When p...
Created 4 years ago by Andrew Langford in Extensions

JSON Validator and Formatter
This extension provides one of the fastest ways to validate JSON: 1. Copy a JSON string to the clipboard.2. Press the Keybreeze hotkey on your keyboard, type a keyword to launch the JSON Validator, and press Enter.3. Paste the formatted JSON in your...
Created 6 years ago by Andrew Langford in Extensions

SQL Query Formatter
This extension will beautify or prettify your SQL query. In other words, it will take an ugly query like this: SELECT * FROM (SELECT i.field1, i.field2, d.field3, p.field4, pt.field5, i.field6, p.field7, d.field8, d.field9, d.field10, d.field11, i.f...
Created 6 years ago by Andrew Langford in Extensions

Phone Number Formatter
This extension is useful if you frequently copy and paste phone numbers from an application into a softphone, and your soft phone software doesn't support special characters. This extension will automatically remove special characters, and it can aut...
Modified 6 years ago by Andrew Langford in Extensions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view the tutorial again?

How do I add keywords or configure settings?

  • Press the hotkey and type one of these:
    add, list, options, help, note, export entries, import entries. To edit an entry, click it or press Ctrl + M while you are typing.

Where are my settings stored, or how do I transfer settings to another machine?