Outlook Email Address Converter

When copying email addresses from Outlook, the copied text has a format similar to this:

"John Doe" <John.Doe@company.com>; "Steve Smith" <Steve.Smith@company.com>

This email address format is not recognized in many applications. When pasting these email addresses in other applications, you may receive errors or other warnings, requiring you to manually remove the name in quotation marks, as well as the < and > characters.

This utility will automatically reformat these email addresses in your clipboard. Whenever you copy email addresses from Outlook, press the Keybreeze hotkey and type this extension's name to run it. Then you can paste the valid email addresses into your application.

By default, it will separate email addresses with a comma and new line, but you can change these separators to any combination you wish.

Download instructions:

Download the attached zip file and extract the contents. Right-click the Outlook Email Address Converter.exe file and click Add keyword to Keybreeze. Later, you can copy any Outlook email addresses to the clipboard and run the Keybreeze keyword to automatically reformat these addresses in your clipboard.

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stfuqua   4 years ago

Very nice, thanks!