Chain keybreeze commands or create pnemonic text for keybreeze command


I want to launch Total Commander from Key Breeze by easily adding folder shortcuts to the KeyBreeze Command.  I have a bash file that launches it and passes in the directory.  What I would like to do is

  • Right click a folder eg; c:\temp -> add keyword to KeyBreeze
  • in Target field, specify something like, tcmd c:\temp, which actually expands to bash.exe c:\temp or something similar

So that said:

  • Similar when you use the default shortcuts like using s, w, and yt for "search", "wikipedia" or "yt" is there a way I can define my own mnemonics like map tcmd to a path to my bash.exe
  • OR, is there an easier way to run BASH commands in keybreeze without having to specify the full path everytime as I have a lot of folders I often add and don't want to type in the full path to it all the time. eg: bash:tcmd.bat or something similar?

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Andrew Langford   4 years ago

I'm not that familiar with bash, so I'm thinking out loud here, but does bash support command line arguments like a Windows batch file would? I'm thinking something like this --, but instead of doing this with a batch file, you could either pass command line arguments directly to bash, or pass them to a file that would run a bash command.

Keybreeze supports dynamic command line arguments when running .exe files. As an example, you can press the hotkey, type a keyword, press a comma, and then type the command line argument that you want to pass to that application. I'm wondering if you could do this with bash to pass dynamic commands to it. If so, that would be similar to the letter command functionality of s, w, yt, etc.