Macro Continuous Loop

Hello, I am a new user trying to create a continuous macro loop. I did not see an option to loop your macro. Is this an option? Can you define how many times the macro loops? Thanks in advance for any info. 


Andrew Langford   4 years ago


Unfortunately macro loops are not supported at this time. If others express interest in this functionality and provide some use cases on how it could improve their day to day tasks, I would be open to adding it in a future release.



cditomaso   4 years ago
Hi Andrew. Thanks for the response. I am using a loop to repeat repetitive tasks. I attempted a workaround where I created the repeating task once and copy/pasted the macro recording over and over again in the editor window. However, I ran into a roadblock where the editor wouldn't allow me to paste the macro after a certain number of characters were entered. I have attached the example I am referring to where I was able to repeat the macro 13 times via copy/paste (each loop separated by a new paragraph), but when I attempted to paste the 14th, it was truncated. I am looking to be able to repeat the task 50-100 times.
Andrew Langford   4 years ago
The limit is currently set to 32,766 characters, which is the default for .NET textboxes. However, you can work around this limit by navigating to %appdata%\Keybreeze5\macros, opening your macro file in a text editor, adding more text, saving it, and then running it from Keybreeze again. I increased the textbox limit of the Macro Editor to 2147483646 characters, which appears to be the limit. That will be available when the next version of Keybreeze is released, which should be in the next two months.
Andrew Langford   4 years ago
Just wanted to follow up on this -- the text limit has been increased to 2147483646 characters, or the memory limit, in the 5.6.0 version. You can download it here --
cditomaso   4 years ago
Thanks Andrew! I did notice the update in the 5.6.0 Release Notes. Much appreciated!
BigChuckMeister   2 years ago
So it is an option, now?