THANK YOU, ANDREW LANGFORD, for this excellent product

This board seems to have no area for general remarks, so I'm posting here hoping this location gets the most exposure, hoping others may chime in with their experiences.

I'm a user since PC-COM days and, like most everyone who uses this software, a big fan. For years Andrew's been developing new features that make sense and work well. On top of that, his support is quick and effective, and he's diligent and accurate in updating the documentation. Just a great product--puts a lot of the big companies to shame.

So I just wanted to offer congratulations on the latest move forward, renaming the application to Keybreeze Desktop to allow for new offerings under the Keybreeze umbrella. Thanks, Andrew Langford, for this amazingly useful and always forward-looking product.

Bruce Clemence



ecarr   4 years ago

I could not agree more.  Over 15 years ago I accidentally stumbled upon PC-Com and haven't turned back since!

hydex   4 years ago

Such underrated software that I am surprised to see go unnoticed for such a long time (although we may think it's unnoticed, but it seems like we have a group of cult followers who never gave up keybreeze year after year).

While it's disappinting that some big name did not try to snatch this great application, it's also a relief that they didn't buy and butcher it or worse just disappear from net until it gets implemented into a different software. Similar things happened in the past to great tools. Does anyone here remember Xobni? Yahoo bought it and it disappeared. There are numerous examples of this.

stfuqua   4 years ago

I'll second that emotion!  Awesome helpful software that I can't imagine being without, thank you.



User since 2012

Andrew Langford   4 years ago

Thank you all for your kind words and support over these years. I'm very fortunate to have a group of passionate and dedicated users. I plan to continue working on this for as long as I am able. Please feel free to suggest feature requests and enhancement requests, and I'll do my best to incorporate them.

jvo   3 years ago
Thank you Andrew - keybreeze is one of the two pieces of software that make my life easier and organized, without which the promise of the computer being a useful tool wouldn't be true! bring back "freeware" so we could show our appreciation.