So, I used to use KB all the time and several years ago I stopped, because for whatever reason I couldn't get it on a new machine (incompatible / unavailable / whatever).  

Now, I've been using it for about a month and have had to relearn the entire program.  When I finally figured out how to edit my existing macros, rather than to re-record them from scratch, I decided to show the list and delete all of the previous attempts at macros.  

After that, KB wouldn't function.  It kept telling me macro recorder not found.  After several attempts, I think I got the Macro Recorder to install, but it wouldn't do ANYTHING after that.

So I uninstalled and reinstalled one or the other or both several times.  I kept deleting all of the old download files to make sure I wasn't trying to install a different level (not compatible with each other).  

After several attempts, I decided to go back to a restore point on my computer   Then it blue-screened.  

I've tried all of the restore options, none of them are working    Now, I get to deal with Geek Squad and I absolutely cannot stand them   WTF?! 

Has anybody else experienced this?


Andrew Langford   3 years ago

You can download the Macro Recorder from this link -- It must be placed in the same directory where Keybreeze.exe is running. Typically this is C:\Program Files (x86)\Keybreeze5. You mentioned that you got it installed but it wouldn't do anything. Were you getting an error message? Did the program open and then immediately close? Or did everything appear to work but it wasn't able to record your mouse clicks and keystrokes?

It sounds like the restore point is what is causing the blue screens. I haven't used System Restore in Windows in a long time, but there are some links online that explain how to undo a system restore point if you want to revert your computer back to the state it was in prior to the system restore. Doing that may fix the blue screens. You can back up your Keybreeze settings by following the instructions at this link -- -- if you want to save everything before reverting Windows to a prior state.

BigChuckMeister   3 years ago
It would bring up the text entry point but wouldn’t go beyond there. The machine is at the geek squad and I will update after I get it back. Most likely it will fresh install just fine and you’ll never hear from me again. LOL!
BigChuckMeister   3 years ago
It didn't re-install properly. It says I have to download the macro recorder, which I did without being prompted for it. I just uninstalled it and I'm about to try it again. If you happen to have a telephone customer service number, I would love to contact them to expedite this process. Thanks in advance.
BigChuckMeister   3 years ago
This is the error code I get, over and over again. I hope you can read it.

Attachments: KeyBreeze Error Code.jpg  
Andrew Langford   3 years ago
That error will happen if the Macro Recorder is not in the Keybreeze directory. Copy the file to C:\Program Files (x86)\Keybreeze5, and then run it from there.
BigChuckMeister   2 years ago
forgot to say I got it all worked out. I had to have my machine wiped clean and a reinstall worked out just fine. Thanks a bunch for a great program.