Windows Defender blocks 5.7 Keybreeze download

I'm lost!


I already hated Microsoft ...


Andrew Langford   3 years ago

Hi Mike,

These false positives are unfortunately common for Windows Defender, especially when dealing with something that tracks keystrokes and mouse clicks like the Macro Recorder, which is a separate download, but the playback mechanism is still part of Keybreeze.exe.

After getting enough downloads and installations, Microsoft will improve the reputation of the download and should stop throwing that warning. In the meantime though, there is a way to bypass it. There should be a 'Run anyway' button that you can click to run the setup file.



alexsdad   2 years ago
MicroSoft Win10 seems to dislike other programs - even their old M/S Money! I downloaded the Keybreeze V5.7 on an older computer (without objection), then copied that to my new computer, which happily installed it. Andrew, Keybreeze is a very useful brilliant program, which saves me much time. I have enjoyed using it for over 10 years. Thank you. K F Winstone, NZ