Function Keys and CTRL, ALT keys in Text Function?


Is it possible to use special keys in Text Functions?




Andrew Langford   3 years ago

Hi Steve,

You can't use special keys in text functions, but you can use them in a macro. Once the macro is saved, you can press the hotkey, type the macro name, and press Enter to replay your actions.

As an example, the following macro will pause for one second, paste the text in the clipboard by using Ctrl + V, and then typing some text afterwards.

  • <delay time="1000">
    <delay time="100">
    <keydown key="LControlKey">
    <delay time="344">
    <keydown key="V">
    <delay time="125">
    <keyup key="LControlKey">
    <keyup key="V">
    <type text="This is some text after pasting whatever was in the clipboard."> 
Avery78   4 months ago

In text functions, such as word processing or coding, function keys (F1-F12) can trigger specific commands or shortcuts, enhancing efficiency. CTRL and ALT keys combine with other keys to execute additional functions, providing versatile control and customization options for