Macro running message... but it doesn't run

After unsuccessfully creating a macro to Select All [Ctrl + A] and Delete, I copied and pasted a macro that you used as an example in a post and couldn't get that to work either. I saved and added it to KeyBreeze, when I pressed the hotkey and typed the macro name nothing happened but a red message saying the macro was running. At one point, I increased the delay time and saved it, then noticed the red message was on the screen longer. What could I be doing wrong?

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Andrew Langford   2 years ago

The following worked for me. This will open Notepad (as long as you have a keyword called notepad), pause for two seconds, type some text, and then press CTRL + A and Delete:

<keybreeze entry="notepad">
<delay time="2000">
<type text="some text blah blah blah jfsdjfkldjsd fsdjkfljsfj lskdfjlsdfj">
<delay time="2000">
<keydown key="LControlKey">
<delay time="344">
<keydown key="A">
<delay time="125">
<keyup key="A">
<delay time="16">
<keyup key="LControlKey">
<delay time="656">
<keydown key="Delete">
<delay time="109">
<keyup key="Delete">

Also, if you open the Keybreeze Macro Editor, do the Play back and Record more buttons work?