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Not a way to do that currently, but I've used this site in the past for timezone conversions -- Are you wanting to do this from a macro or text function? Or are you wanting to press the hotkey and enter a command like time+4h or 6pm CT to IST? Google can actually handle the latter -- You could run that from a Keybreeze letter command, or just type it into the Keybreeze window if you configured it to search the web for unrecognized entries. That's probably going to be the fastest way to convert a time between two timezones. You can also search for current ist time, and Google will tell you what time it is in that timezone.

in License enhancements in Keybreeze Pro 5.5
3 months ago

Hi Brian,

Good to hear from you! I tried ecarr's suggestion with a test Powershell script, and the prompt appeared in my environment. The target of my keyword is:

C:\windows\system32\windowspowershell\v1.0\powershell.exe c:\test\test.ps1

The text of this Powershell script is:

$User = Read-Host -Prompt 'What is your name?'
Write-Host "You entered, '$User'"

When I run this from the Start > Run dialog box, I get the prompt, enter my name, and then it closes. When I run this from Keybreeze, I get the same behavior, which appears to be expected when running Powershell scripts from outside the console --

I was able to keep the Powershell script window open by changing my target to the followi...
in License enhancements in Keybreeze Pro 5.5

4 months ago

Hi Steve, you can use a portable version by downloading the setup file and running through the installation wizard. One of the steps will ask if you want to install it or extract the files. Select the option to extract the files to a folder on your PC or a USB drive, and then it will be portable.

in License enhancements in Keybreeze Pro 5.5
10 months ago

You can't really do that with a single hotkey, but you can select the text, press CTRL + C, press the Keybreeze hotkey, press CTRL + V, and press Enter. If it's an unrecognized command, it will search the web for that entry by default. If you have a lot of saved keywords, it may autoselect one of your existing ones. If that happens, you can press and a space after you press the hotkey, and then press CTRL + V. The prefix will invoke the letter command to search the web. These can be configured by typing options as a keyword or by typing add as a keyword and then pressing the Letter Command tab.

in License enhancements in Keybreeze Pro 5.5
11 months ago

Press the Keybreeze hotkey, type options, and press Enter. Click the Skin tab, and then check the 'Remember position when user manually drags the window' setting. That should do the trick.

in License enhancements in Keybreeze Pro 5.5
1 year ago

The following worked for me. This will open Notepad (as long as you have a keyword called notepad), pause for two seconds, type some text, and then press CTRL + A and Delete:

<keybreeze entry="notepad">
<delay time="2000">
<type text="some text blah blah blah jfsdjfkldjsd fsdjkfljsfj lskdfjlsdfj">
<delay time="2000">
<keydown key="LControlKey">
<delay time="344">
<keydown key="A">
<delay time="125">
<keyup key="A">
<delay time="16">
<keyup key="LControlKey">
<delay time="656">
<keydown key="Delete">
<delay time="109">
<keyup key="Delete">

Also, if you open the Keybreeze Macro Editor, do the Play back and Record more buttons work?

in License enhancements in Keybreeze Pro 5.5
1 year ago

Hi Steve,

You can't use special keys in text functions, but you can use them in a macro. Once the macro is saved, you can press the hotkey, type the macro name, and press Enter to replay your actions.

As an example, the following macro will pause for one second, paste the text in the clipboard by using Ctrl + V, and then typing some text afterwards.

  • <delay time="1000">
    <delay time="100">
    <keydown key="LControlKey">
    <delay time="344">
    <keydown key="V">
    <delay time="125">
    <keyup key="LControlKey">
    <keyup key="V">
    <type text="This is some text after pasting whatever was in the clipboard."> 

in License enhancements in Keybreeze Pro 5.5
1 year ago

Hi Mike,

These false positives are unfortunately common for Windows Defender, especially when dealing with something that tracks keystrokes and mouse clicks like the Macro Recorder, which is a separate download, but the playback mechanism is still part of Keybreeze.exe.

After getting enough downloads and installations, Microsoft will improve the reputation of the download and should stop throwing that warning. In the meantime though, there is a way to bypass it. There should be a 'Run anyway' button that you can click to run the setup file.



in License enhancements in Keybreeze Pro 5.5
1 year ago
That error will happen if the Macro Recorder is not in the Keybreeze directory. Copy the file to C:\Program Files (x86)\Keybreeze5, and then run it from there.
in License enhancements in Keybreeze Pro 5.5
1 year ago

You can download the Macro Recorder from this link -- It must be placed in the same directory where Keybreeze.exe is running. Typically this is C:\Program Files (x86)\Keybreeze5. You mentioned that you got it installed but it wouldn't do anything. Were you getting an error message? Did the program open and then immediately close? Or did everything appear to work but it wasn't able to record your mouse clicks and keystrokes?

It sounds like the restore point is what is causing the blue screens. I haven't used System Restore in Windows in a long time, but there are some links online that explain how to undo a system restore point if you want to revert your computer back to the state it was in prior to the system restore. Doing that may fix the blue screens. You can back up your Keybreeze settings by following the instructions at this link -- https://keybree...
License enhancements in Keybreeze Pro 5.5

1 year ago